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Full Coat Grooming Felines

$75.99 - Duration varies
Nail trim, ear cleaning, facial, bathing, hand fluffy blow dry, combing, and aromatherapy.

Full Coat grooming K9

Starts at $55.99 - 4 hours
Bath, hand fluffy blow-dry, blueberry facial, toenail trim and hair styling.

Mobile Pet Grooming

As low as $74.99 - Duration varies
One on one personal care in the comfort of your own driveway. Private and personal care by a qualified professional. Less stress for your pet with no traveling!

Feline Fridays Cat Spa

Stars at $76 - Duration varies

Overnight lodging/boarding

Starts at $27.99 - 30 minutes
K9 Five exercise potty breaks in spacious suites by 24 hour surveillance

Dog Walking/Park Field trips

Starts at $25.99 - 30 minutes
Additional services provided while offering pet sitting or overnight lodging field trip will be to the Liberty Park

Dog overnight lodging

Duration Varies
$27.99 - Mon-Wed
$34.98 - Thurs-Sun

5 Potty and Excercise breaks Rooms are 5×6 Suites

Cat Overnight Lodging

30 minutes
$21.99- Mon-Wed
$28.98 -Thurs-Sun
A 4×4 suite includes a Litter box cleaned daily Cuddle time with catnip and treats

Product: Hempworx CBD
Oil & Pet treats

$24.99 - 2 Bacon Treats
$69 - Flavored oils

Hempworx CBD Treats are soy, corn, and grain free. Made in the USA Free of any artificial ingredients. Treats are 2.5 mg each and 250mg Bacon flavored Hemp oil.

Comb Clip
(short but not shaved) Cats

$101.98 - Duration varies
Full Coat groom with a haircut lengths up to one inch Options available for Mane and tail

Full Belly Shave Cat

Starts at $12 - 30 minutes
(If not with extreme knots)

Full Belly shaved the undercarriage of a cat is completely shaved from its underarms to it sanitary clipping removes a third of the cat's coat to promote cleanliness remove unwanted hair and prevent future Matting

Deshed Cat
Shedless Treatment

$18 - 30 minutes
Zoom Groom and bath High Velocity blow dryer rake and vac and comb out

Shedless treatment

$15-50 - 30 minutes
Deshedding shampoo deshedding conditioning treatment hand velocity blowout brushing rake in vac and comb out

Lion Clip

$101.98 - Duration varies
Nail trimming, ear cleaning, bathing, blow drying, combing, clipping options available for Mane and tail style.

Soft Paws

$30-40 - 30 minutes
Vinyl nail cap application protect your skin, furniture, and the things you cherish!

Litter Lady Services

$25 a box - 30 minutes
The litter lady comes and cleans your box from top to bottom refills with your fresh litter. We remove the waste!

Pedicure Nail Trim
& Nail Buffing

30 minutes • $15 per each for dogs. $15 Nail Trim short up to the quick. $15 Nail Buffing is a service that files off the sharpness of a fresh nail trim. My nail trims last twice as long as our competitors. No buff for cats

(Pet Sitting) = In your home

$30.99 - 30 minutes
A 30-minute visit provides your pet(s) with a potty break, fresh water and feeding as directed by owner for both cats and dogs. Mental physical stimuli and plenty of TLC provided by qualified staff that is First aid and CPR Cert. Lics, Ins, Cert, & bonded

Day Care Evaluations

$18.99 - Duration Varies

Daycare evaluations are required for medium to large breed dogs. Generally a meet and greet up to four hours a temperament evaluation for the pet as a trial run to accept pet into our lodging program. All pets must be potty trained, neutered, and friendly.

Senior Pet Care with a
Loving and Gentle Touch

$50+ - 30 minutes
Offering Senior Per Care services in a case by case basis. Express grooming. A warm soak with Epsom salt and YL EO to soothe aches and pains. Extra soft bedding provided and deluxe suites. Ramps and hydraulic equipment privides for ease.

Pawtography after Grooming

$15-25 - 30 minutes
Photos session takes place after Spa services are provided.

Flea Bath

$10 - 30 minutes
Flea and tick bath kills and removes pesky pest.